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An important part of any software solution is the backup of data to an external memory for a case of loss caused by a hardware failure. The data backup is a crucial function that protects the investments into software and its data. A regular and correctly working data backup to external data storage media reduces significantly the risk of functional disturbance of the company's processes. Yamatec Oil is able to backup its data to local memory media, such as the USB drives, external or network drivers. If the backup is made regularly and the memory medium is not stored in the same premises as the computer with the program, the local backup is sufficient.

However, if the user cannot provide for a regular local backup for various reasons, he can use the Webstorage service, which is a part of the Yamatec Oil program. This service is an optional part of the Oil Fluid Management Solution, therefore, the user can decide whether he will use it or not.


Webstorage service

To provide a maximum protection of the Yamatec Oil program data against loss due to a computer hardware failure, it is possible to backup them regularly in specific intervals to secure Yamatec servers. The data are encrypted and sent via internet by means of a HTTPS protocol, which is a standard of secure internet communication. It is used, for example, by banks for communication with customers. This procedure secures that no one can decrypt the data on their way between the user’s computer and the server. To access the servers, each customer who decides to use the Webstorage service receives a unique username and password.

If you adjust that you want to back up your data via internet to the Webstorage server e.g. every day, the user is asked to back up the data to the Webstorage server every day with the first start of the program. The only thing he has to do is to press the OK button. Everything else is automatic and at the end the user receives information about the backup result.

In case of a hardware failure or any other emergency that would result in a complete data loss while having no local data backup, it is possible to send an authorised request to the Yamatec technical department. After verifying the user’s identity, his data are sent from the Webstorage to him. The user can use these data to recover the Yamatec Oil data.

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