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Laboratory tests


Emulsions and cleaners must meet certain parameters to function properly. If they don’t meet them, their efficiency decreases, which can result in improper machine functioning eventually in its increased wear and decreasing lifetime. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the parameters continually and to monitor their current value and the value development in time, i.e. to monitor their trend. The following parameters of emulsions and cleaners can be recorded in the Yamatec Oil program:

  • approximate concentration measured with refractometer
  • real concentration measured by titration
  • pH
  • conductivity
  • temperature

These values have to be within certain limits. The concentration has to be between the determined minimum and maximum values, pH has to reach the determined minimum value and the conductivity the determined maximum value. The temperature has no determined limits, only its current measured value is recorded.

There is a module with laboratory tests in the program for recording the measured values of lubricant laboratory tests. The lubricant parameters measured on individual machines are recorded here. The entry can be done manually or by means of the barcode reader with the PocketOil program.


Each record of a lubricant laboratory test contains information of the test date and time, of the machine and its lubrication point where the test was performed, of the lubricant that was tested and of the measured values and their admissible values. If the value lies outside the limits, it has a yellow triangle displayed. The measured concentration values are converted to the resulting value using a coefficient and a correction factor.


Two reports can be printed based on the measured values.

  • List of laboratory tests
  • Graphic output

The first one sends all data on the laboratory tests performed for a specified period to the Excel. The operator can further work with the data in the Excel according to his needs. The second report displays a diagram of trends of the measured values of the selected machine for the specified time period. This report can also be sent to the Excel (the data as well as the diagram). You can find more information of the print reports in the Reporting module description.


Detailed description of all features of Oil Fluid Management Solution is in Complete User's Guide which can be downloaded as PDF document from page Download.

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