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For whom is the Oil Fluid Management Solution intended

Startups companies

If you are a starting company and you have up to 5 machines, you may use the program without licence fees.

Small companies

For companies with up to 30 machines the program is intended for machine care planning. With a smaller number of machines you do not necessarily have to use other modules. However, only the user decides on their use.

Medium-sized companies

In addition to the planning, a medium-sized company up to 100 machines will probably use also the evaluation of lubrication tasks, the warehousing activities and the data collection by means of the barcode reader.

Large-sized companies

Large-sized companies owing more than 100 machines will probably use all functions of the program including the modules for recording the lubricant measurements and the waste collection.

Very large companies

Very large companies with several production plants can utilise the advantages of connection of individual installations via the webstorage technology embedded in the Oil program. It enables the managers in charge of several plants to review and evaluate data from individual plants in their computers.

Companies providing total fluid management services

If you are a company delivering not only lubricants to your customers, but also providing complete care of customer’s machinery, then you can utilise the Oil program to enhance the supplied services. In addition to the advantages resulting from the automated planning and execution of lubrication tasks, you can raise your credit by using a sophisticated software tool for managing the customer’s machinery care.




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