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Collection of data on lubricant measured values with barcode reader


During the measurement of physical lubricant values (concentration, pH, conductivity, temperature), it is possible to enter the measured data in the barcode scanner by means of the Yamatec PocketOil program installed in the scanner. The operator reads the barcode from the lubrication point label first. On the basis of the barcode, the Yamatec PocketOil program identifies the machine, the lubrication point and the lubricant measured at the given point. Thereafter, the operator enters the measured data.

To enable this operating procedure, it is necessary to print the labels with barcodes of the lubrication points first. This is secured by the Yamatec Oil program. Afterwards, these labels are attached on the machine lubrication points.

When the labels are placed on the machine, the operator can start entering data on the measured values. He launches the Yamatec PocketOil program in the scanner and then the module for entering measuring data. After the relevant values are measured, he reads the barcode of the lubrication point from the machine label. The Yamatec PocketOil program in the scanner identifies the machine, the lubrication point and the lubricant used at this point. The operator enters the measured values now. He repeats this procedure with all machines determined for measuring values and after the measurement he enters the required data in the scanner.

After all measurements are executed, the operator returns to the computer and connects the barcode scanner to the computer via a USB cable. Thereafter, he launches the Yamatec Oil program which loads all recorded measuring data from the scanner to the computer.


Detailed description of all features of Oil Fluid Management Solution is in Complete User's Guide which can be downloaded as PDF document from page Download.

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