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Warehouse items


Lubricants are being consumed during machine lubrication. The operating personnel take the lubricants from the warehouse. To keep overview of the current state of lubricants in the warehouse, there is a list of warehouse items in the Yamatec Oil program. There is one lubricant on each of them.


A warehouse item keeps records of its number, type of lubricant, name of lubricant, its abbreviated name, warehouse measuring unit, lubrication measuring unit, current quantity in the warehouse and minimum safe quantity.


When a lubricant is delivered to the warehouse, the user enters by hand the receipt of the lubricant, which increases the lubricant quantity on the warehouse item. When confirming a planned lubrication task or entering an unplanned lubrication task, a warehouse issue is automatically generated for the used lubricant quantity and at the same time the quantity on the warehouse item is decreased. In case of a warehouse inventory, it is possible to enter the item inventory which updates the item quantity to comply with the current warehouse state.

Except for a standard report of the warehouse item list with the current state of items, it is possible to display the movement history of warehouse items and the trend of warehouse quantities.


Detailed description of all features of Oil Fluid Management Solution is in Complete User's Guide which can be downloaded as PDF document from page Download.

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