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Basic data reports


The Oil Fluid Management Solution uses several kinds of basic data that serve the creation of transaction data. Basic data are data that are entered in the program at the beginning of its use and later are changed only sporadically, as required. Basic data include, for example, lists of used lubricants. New data are entered in them only, when new lubricant is to be used. Similarly, machine lists have new machines entered only irregularly. Sometimes, it is necessary to print this type of data by a printer or to export them to the Excel for processing. Therefore, there are several print reports in the Yamatec Oil program that serve for printing the basic data or exporting them to the Excel.

The following table show print reports of basic data of the Yamatec Oil program.

Module Report name      
Machines Machines list
Machines Machine lubrication rules
Machines List of lubrication points using lubricant
Machines Identification labels of lubrication points with barcodes
Lubricants List of oils
Lubricants List of greases
Lubricants List of filters
Lubricants List of cutting oils
Lubricants List of emulsions
Lubricants List of washing agents
Lubricants List of additives
Lubricants Identification labels of lubricants with EAN barcodes
Types of work Identification labels of types ofworks with barcodes
Departments List of departments
Production lines List of production lines
Warehouse items List of warehouse items
Warehouse items Identification labels of warehouse items with barcodes
Dokument library List of documents

To view a report, click the printer icon or the Excel icon in the report row. Examples in Excel was made in Excel 2013.



Detailed description of all features of Oil Fluid Management Solution is in Complete User's Guide which can be downloaded as PDF document from page Download.

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